Queen's Park Miniature Railway

The railway runs around the lake

providing a circular ride with lovely

views of the park. Motive power is

a steam outline diesel locomotive

which pulls either one, two or three

carriages dependant on demand.

The railway is usually operational

between Easter and October

half term.

This is the third railway in the park. Originally a standard gauge branch line from the Midland Railway ran alongside the northern edge of the park (this is now the Hipper Valley Trail cycle track).

After closure a miniature railway was laid along some of the old trackbed. This only lasted a few years before it was relocated to run around the lake. The shed where the rolling stock is kept is from the original miniature railway.

One of the Friends has compiled a short history of the line with help from Sarah Poulton (Chesterfield Borough Council).

Download the history here.

A view from the footbridge leading into the park showing a goods train on the old standard gauge branch line:

This is the first miniature railway stood at the station where the car park is now: